Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hot Pocket tragedy

The heat never enters its core
 More time, a couple of minutes more
The buzzer now sounds
the LED reads DONE
with great haste i grab it
the growling from my stomach is now louder than ever
with the ferocity of a starving lion i bite
 the core still frozen
the hunger remains
i must wait a couple more, i say to myself
i angrily slam the door which contains my only food supply
2:00 i enter
Sparks fly and the smoke emerges
i wallow in the thoughts of having slammed it so hard
cold, starving, and food-less
let the good times roll-dt93

Japanese Class& Halloween

Oh god, why did i choose to take this class? the classroom is hot and humid, the AC is broken, the professor looks at me like "wtf are you doing here?"Well at least im getting school out of the way. Bored, tired and doing homework. Regular 'ol Thursday:p Halloween was badass, though. Dressed as Frankenstein got free candy, scared little kids saw a guy die on the freeway, shit was a true Halloween-y day.